WIODOA: A Bunch of Crap for Fans of Uncle Neil 1997

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WIODOA: A Bunch of Crap for Fans of Uncle Neil

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1: Promo A(Jim Schuyler)
2: 20 Years in Miami(Jim Schuyler)
3: Pee Wee Xmas Tips(Jim Schuyler)
4: Juan Mendiera(Jim Schuyler)
5: Recovery One(Jim Schuyler)
6: Classical Neil(Jim Schuyler)
7: Station Trading Olymmpix(Jim Schuyler)
8: My Pick-up Truck(Jim Schuyler)
9: Peanut Vendor School(Jim Schuyler)
10: FatherO'Rolly(Jim Schuyler)
11: When I Grow Up(Jim Schuyler)
12: Honey, I Screwed Up(Jim Schuyler)
13: Bust A Moose(Jim Schuyler)
14: Paula Jones(Jim Schuyler)
15: Nightmare Election '92(Jim Schuyler)
16: Unplugged Laxative(Jim Schuyler)
17: Old Phone Number(Jim Schuyler)
18: Annamaria(Jim Schuyler)
19: Promo B(Jim Schuyler)
20: Buddy Bud(Jim Schuyler)
21: Marge Schott Xmas(Jim Schuyler)
22: Fidel Goes Down(Jim Schuyler)
23: Yeltsin Travel(Jim Schuyler)
24: W-X-E-Hel(Jim Schuyler)
25: Rick Riley's John(Jim Schuyler)
26: Harry Karaoke 2000(Jim Schuyler)
27: Halleluia Wayne(Jim Schuyler)
28: The Sidekicks(Jim Schuyler)
29: Island of Dreams(Jim Schuyler)

All tracks created by South Florida radio personality Jim Schuyler. ‘I-O-D-O-A Tape provided by Tyler Zahnke.¬†WIODOA = WIOD + DOA. Best of Neil Rogers 1997. Bit Rate: 256kbps.


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