Neil Rogers Show (May 13, 1997)

Neil Rogers is counting down how many shows he has to do on WIOD. But, he only has a few more left before Paxson buys out his contract. WIOD has new phone numbers, a tornado hits Miami, and Neil rips Mickey Arison.

REAL BEASTS Phyllis the Manatee, Gwendolyn the Alligator, Neil Rogers
Extracted from the Miami Herald’s Tropic Section May 11, 1997

Neil Rogers Show (May 8, 1997)

Neil Rogers is still have equipment problems, Knots Landing Lady calls, plus a dust up with Howard Stern. A positive negative poll, and the subjects are: Ron & Ron, the news guy, Debbie Ellis, Karen Kay, and John Ford’s jingles and rejoins. A parking spot problem with Jack Mark, and Neil plays his favorite part of “Fatso”.