Sun Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (Published as Sun-Sentinel) – December 26, 1996

The FCC deregulated the radio industry and Bud Paxson went on a buying spree. Paxson bought WSHE and WSRF for $56 million and WIOD for $13 million, boosting his share of South Florida stations to seven – one under the newly raised FCC limit.

— Neil Rogers marked his 20th anniversary in South Florida radio.

— Urban stations WEDR (99.1-FM) and Hot 105 (WHQT), and Spanish stations WRMA (106.7) and WAMR (107.5-FM) were consistent ratings leaders throughout the year.

— As of this past Sunday, the Miami Dolphins’ 30-year association with WIOD ended. The Dolphins will switch to all-sports WQAM (560-AM) in 1997 as part of a five-year, $35 million deal that includes broadcast rights to the Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers.

— Ron Bennington and Ron Diaz returned to South Florida airwaves on WIOD (610-AM), nearly two years after leaving Zeta (WZTA 94.9-FM). The Bad Boys will move their broadcast base from Tampa to South Florida this week.

— Public stations WLRN (91.3-FM) and WXEL (90.7-FM) formed a partnership to exchange local programming and to air much of National Public Radio’s schedule simultaneously from Palm Beach to Homestead.

— Longtime South Florida jock Sonny Fox was fired by Majic (WMJX 102.7-FM) in September. Two months later Fox and sidekick Ron Hersey were named Best Morning Drive Show at the first South Florida Achievement in Radio Awards.

— WCLB (95.5-FM) in West Palm Beach became the first country station in the United States to air Howard Stern.

— South Florida’s most-storied rock station WSHE (103.5-FM) became alternative light Planet Radio (WPLL) and began targeting a female audience.

— Satirical talk host Phil Hendrie killed off a few of his imaginary sidekicks, including his boss Bob Green, before leaving WIOD (610-AM) for KFI-AM in Los Angeles. Green was strangled with a phone cord by CNN’s Larry King. No charges were filed.

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Best of Neil Rogers 1996


Best of Neil Rogers 1996

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1: How Much For a Hum Job(Rock Comedy Network)
2: Frogaine(Rock Comedy Network)
3: Wabbit Handcuffs(Satellite Comedy Network)
4: Foul Mouthed Dolphins(Guitar Man)
5: Found a Bloody Glove(KJ)
6: Air Jesus Shows(Satellite Comedy Network)
7: Sgt. Dildo(Satellite Comedy Network)
8: Girl With Stank Breath(Satellite Comedy Network)
9: Hooker Bitch Barbie(Satellite Comedy Network)
10: Don't Ask/Don't Tell(Don't Ask/Don't Tell)
11: Menendez Bros. Prison March(Don't Ask/Don't Tell)
12: The Clap(Rock Comedy Network)
13: Passover 7-11(Rock Comedy Network)
14: Butt-Hey(Rock Comedy Network)
15: The Foreskins(Rock Comedy Network)
16: Baked Beans(American Comedy Network)
17: Michael Irvin Football Camp(American Comedy Network)
18: Robert Dole's Bum Hand(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
19: Joycelin Elders PSA(Satellite Comedy Network)
20: Two Dickheads for President(Satellite Comedy Network)
21: Jerry Garcia's Fish Ash(Satellite Comedy Network)
22: Robert Dole Loses(KJ)
23: Tuna Taco(Satellite Comedy Network)
24: Dick Between Her Thighs(Satellite Comedy Network)
25: Extra Wee-Wee(Satellite Comedy Network)
26: Jimmy Stewart and Katherine Hepburn(Satellite Comedy Network)
27: Molested By the Preacher Man(Satellite Comedy Network)
28: Trailer Trash Woman(Satellite Comedy Network)
29: Hellen Keller Sings the Blues(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
30: Pizza Slut(Satellite Comedy Network)
31: Face Down Barbie(Rock Comedy Network)
32: Lever 2003(Rock Comedy Network)
33: The Sodimizer(Rock Comedy Network)
34: Sphincter Mints(Rock Comedy Network)
35: These are the Kids(Satellite Comedy Network)
36: Jesus for Dexedrin(Satellite Comedy Network)
37: Ted Kazinski(Satellite Comedy Network)
38: Marv Albert Taking a Dump(Satellite Comedy Network)
39: Jack in the Box(Satellite Comedy Network)
40: The Rosie Oh How Boring Show(Satellite Comedy Network)
41: The Olestra Show(Satellite Comedy Network)
42: Uterus of Steel Video(Satellite Comedy Network)
43: Royal Flush(Satellite Comedy Network)
44: Bodily Functions(Satellite Comedy Network)
45: Melanoma(Satellite Comedy Network)
46: It's OK to be a Homo Magazine(Satellite Comedy Network)
47: Current Affair/ Brady Bunch(Satellite Comedy Network)
48: Chinese Restaurant Sale(Satellite Comedy Network)
49: Snortin' 8 Balls(Satellite Comedy Network)
50: What if God Smoked Cannabis?(Satellite Comedy Network)
51: James and the Giant Penis(Satellite Comedy Network)
52: The Crap(Rock Comedy Network)
53: Beaver Tonight(Satellite Comedy Network)
54: M n' Enima(Rock Comedy Network)

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The Boca Show

Neil’s Nuggets 1996


Neil's Nuggets 1996

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1: Brian Cox is Happy(Jim Mandich/Brian Cox)
2: Foul Mouthed Dolphins(Guitar Man)
3: Freeloading Ticket Lady(Caller)
4: Larry King Wigs Out(Larrry KIng)
5: Larry Calls Neil(Larry King)
7: Scrotum Self Repair(Neil Rogers)
8: Woodies in Memphis(Rock Comedy Network)
9: Brown Finger(Satellite Comedy Network)
10: Tape For Your Mouth Marge(Guitar Man)
11: The Bridge Tender(Caller)
12: Young Neil(Jim Schuyler)
13: Littering Asshole(Caller)
14: This Station/Marti Gras(Rock Comedy Network)
15: Old Kike Lady(Phil Hendrie)
16: Candy Bar(Satellite Comedy Network)
17: Arison Asshole(Guitar Man)
18: Dicks(Rock Comedy Network)
19: Chicken Lady(Caller)
20: Michael Jackson's Penis(Unknown)
21: The Crepetation Contest(Sydney S. Brown and Jules Lipton)
22: The Tree Lady(Caller)
23: Robie Rants(Roby Yonge)
24: M-I-c-k-e-y Arisonovabitch(Guitar Man)
25: Symphony of Farts(Unknown)
26: Anesthesia Guy(Caller)
27: Thanks For The Memories(Guitar Man)
28: Neil Says The 'f' Word And Chris Darden Says The 's' Word(Neil Rogers)

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