Neil Rogers Show (July 24, 1995)

Neil rips the airline industry / You can’t complain about quality in South Florida because there isn’t any / A caller from Houston thanks Neil for the shows he was able to enjoy while he was locked up in a South Florida jail / The old people want to ban everything in the area / Young people will be lucky if they can get out of South Florida and never come back / This is not a World Class area because you have to go to other places to find things like gambling and decent transportation / Everything is closed all the time in this horse and buggy town / Caller recommends that Neil vacation in Argentina, but Neil says all the Nazis are hiding out there / Americans only know about two things: Mediocrity and Violence / Neil has hit a dead end on the Atkins Diet and needs some advice / Listeners always ask Neil for advice on everything but they won’t help him out with his Atkins problems / Neil says Phil Hendrie reminds him a little bit of Bill Calder, who the listeners never really appreciated / When the OJ trial ends people are going to need OJ Withdrawal Therapy / Neil needs new eyeglasses / Some more Atkins and food talk in general to close out the show

Neil Rogers Show (July 20, 1995)

Welcome to The Everybody Hates Wayne Huizenga Show! / An accounting of an incident involving a young Wayne who allegedly caused permanent injury to another man’s testicles / Spy Reports: Jeff DeForrest and the rest of the local media are spineless jellyfish / We take a short break from the Wayne Bashing for Atkins Talk / The owner of a bottled water company calls in and tells Neil he will live forever because he drinks her water / Back to Everybody Hates Wayne: Neil wonders why the media won’t call Wayne out on his nonsense like the public does / A caller suggests that for one day everyone Boycott all of Wayne’s businesses / And back to Food Talk, as Neil discusses Atkins, steaks, and various restaurants with the callers


Neil Rogers Show (July 19, 1995)

Panther talk-will Wayne leave town and move to Nashville if the city doesn’t build him an arena? Does Wayne care about the fans or is it just business? A caller calls Wayne a monster, Neil calls Wayne a prick. Brian Blades is in trouble. More Wayne bashing and a caller compares him to Hitler. Longtime/first time caller says no one compares to Neil, including Howard Stern, and how Howard hasn’t exactly set the town on fire. Neil rants on station management and wonders why they don’t have a continuity person. Three radio stations and no continuity person? Neil rants on the sales team-salespeople are assholes! Neil is pissed about his trash pickup. BROWARD!

Neil Rogers Show (July 18, 1995)

Neil talks nitrates and nitrites / Callers tell Neil where to get fresh meat / Neil Rogers Disease / Lots of Atkins Diet talk / A series of “bozos” and “weirdos” call in / Neil says go into business for yourself because working for other people blows / Even more Atkins talk / Wayne Huizenga has a building demolition and ceremony canceled / Caller has a Norm Kent spy report which Norm calls Jorge immediately to deny