Neil Rogers Show (June 19, 1990)

Last 2 hours of Neil’s WIOD show. The Trends are in and don’t look good, Neil starts digging through Birch for some good news. At the last appearance Neil did, WIOD brought only 20 pictures for Neil to sign, and nothing for Rick and Suds, good thing Jeff came through with some paper plates for them to sign for the fans. Rick drops in to discuss the ratings.

Rap patrol vs. 2 Live Crew;Sheriff, lawyer in hot pursuit; TV shows talk it up Wednesday (June 13, 1990)

Rap patrol vs. 2 Live Crew;Sheriff, lawyer in hot pursuit; TV shows talk it up
USA TODAY – Wednesday, June 13, 1990
Author: Desda Moss

Broward County, Fla., Sheriff Nick Navarro and anti-porn lawyer Jack Thompson returned to the spotlight this week with the obscenity arrests of members of the rap group 2 Live Crew.

Neither is a stranger to controversy. Navarro, whose deputies made Sunday’s arrests, is known for aggressive tactics and frequent appearances on national TV, while Thompson has been involved in many First Amendment clashes.

Navarro, 60, drew fire last year for having his department manufacture cocaine for use in a reverse-sting operation.

After his office became the focus of the TV series Cops in 1989, a Fort Lauderdale NAACP member complained Navarro had “gone crazy.”

“We don’t need Hollywood here. We need a sheriff,” said NAACP member Carlton Moore.

Thompson, credited with almost single-handedly getting 2 Live Crew’s album banned in Florida, complained earlier this year about material in a Miami Film Festival. That prompted Florida Secretary of State Jim Smith to warn promoters “of the potential for withholding public funds.”

When Thompson couldn’t get Dade County Prosecutor Janet Reno to prosecute DJ Neil Rogers for comments on the air, he ran against her in 1988 but lost.

Thompson, 39, says the only difference between him and the worst pornographer is that “God has been gracious enough to offer me salvation.” Thompson has even asked to meet with 2 Live Crew leader Luther Campbell to discuss the musician’s salvation, but Campbell has declined.

“He couldn’t save my soul if he tried,” says Campbell.

Controversy over lyrics on the group’s As Nasty as They Wanna Be album spread to Texas Tuesday when police warned record stores to stop selling the albums or possibly face obscenity charges.

And in Huntsville, Ala., where 2 Live Crew is to perform Saturday, the City Council voted to expand its obscenity ordinance to include live performances. Tuesday, fewer than 300 tickets had been sold at the 8,000-seat arena.

TV shows talk it up

2 Live Crew is getting TV time:

– Crew leader Luther Campbell faces anti-porn lawyer Jack Thompson on today’s syndicated Donahue (check local listings).

– Campbell vs. Sheriff Nick Navarro on Geraldo. Segment is taped today; no airdate set.

– CBS’s 48 Hours features the band in a special report June 27 (10 p.m. EDT).
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Neil Rogers Show (June 12, 1990)

**30 minutes added** More 2 Live Crew and Sheriff Nick today on the Neil Rogers show on WIOD. Paul (chronic) Harvey, Jr. was on Stan’s show last night, and Neil gets reports from the callers. Stan Major calls to defend himself, and the chronics keep calling. Greg Budell may be starting at WAXY on Monday, and more radio reports and rumors.