Neil Rogers Show (December 21, 1988)

Despite tech problems on WIOD, Neil is trying to get in the holiday spirit. Some classic songs/bits, and 2 new, one from The 4 Listeners, and another from famed producer/mixer Eddie Miller. Looks like someone cannot stop harassing Neil. Now it is the head of a charitable foundation, who never listened to a Neil show, is sending letters to the FCC, and Cox complaining about the content. Happy Holidays.

Neil Rogers Show (December 19, 1988)

Neil, and Glen hear from Don Cox, and Johnny Dark about the rumors that Sonny Fox was fired. Nobody from sales told Neil that the new Char-Hut will not be opening until next month. Old fart story, and why snowbirds drive so slow. They were told today that they have to work next Monday. Lady caller tells Neil to shut up. Paul Harvey Jr. calls, and Ed has been calling Renieri. **18 additional minutes**

FCC Fines: Butch Beer, Penis Envy, Jet Boy Jet Girl, Walk With an Erection and The Candy Wrapper Song

WIOD was fined for this one.

Radio and Record Magazine 19891103 crop

Uncle Bonsai – Penis Envy

Elton Motello – Jet Boy Jet Girl (with lyrics)

Walk With An Erection – The Swinging Erudites

KMET FM Radio Comedy “The Candy Wrapper Song” Dr Demento